Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy
Part 3 - False Montheism

God's right order is constantly under attack as we saw last month in the many Pagan beliefs and practices where demons set up idols and false gods either of themselves or others. Many of the "mono-theistic " religions, while avoiding the extreme crudeness of this openly demonic Paganism have fallen into a more subtle form of the same thing. While not openly worshiping idols or demons they have a false perception of the one true God, so logically they have created a false god whom they now worship.

The next set of demonic inspired religions to be considered after Paganism is the false mono-theistic religions. God having chosen Abraham to be the father of His chosen people, the devils set out early and consistently to corrupt and undermine the divine communication from God to men. No sooner than Abraham in his old age is told that he is to be a father, then the devils inspire a more "natural " means than his elderly wife (They inspire him to have a son through a young fertile slave girl). In this manner two separate lines are produced that both claim Abraham as father and therefore the title of chosen people. The Ishmaelites (or at least their alleged spiritual adherents) claim to survive even to this day in the Muslim world. There were two sons of Abraham as Scripture tells us, but we are also informed that the son of the slave girl did not inherit with the son of the free woman. (Gal 4:30) One son was chosen and blessed by God and the other by the devils. One son was charged with keeping the knowledge and faith of the true God alive, while the other son, guided by the devils, was commissioned to corrupt, deceive, and confuse men as to who the true God is and how He expects us to live.

Abraham's trust and faith in God was put to the ultimate test when (prefiguring Christ's sacrifice) God asked of him the sacrifice of his own son. Isaac carried the wood for his own sacrifice as Christ carried his own cross. Abraham was left alone as he could not tell anyone else of what he was about to do, and in this state he too prefigured Christ in feeling abandoned as Christ hanging on the Cross: "My God, my God why have you forsaken me? " (Matt 27:46) Though the sacrifice was interrupted by an angel sent by God, it nonetheless served to symbolize and prepare everyone for the sacrifice of Christ.

We see God's hand and guidance in this son of Abraham and his children throughout the ​Old Testament. We also see the devils constantly attacking these children and dividing from them any and all who would listen to their evil suggestions. Isaac's two sons, Jacob and Esau were divided even from the time they were still in their mother's womb. Jacob was loved by God, but Esau God hated. (Malachi 1:3; Romans 9:13) God changed Jacob's name to Israel and his sons also were attacked by the devils. Brothers filled with envy and jealousy of their younger brother, sold him into slavery, just barely refraining from murdering him. As a punishment for their crimes their children also became slaves in the land of Egypt. God had mercy upon these children of Israel and sent Moses to save them. Again we see the devils constantly attacking and dividing these people for forty years in the desert. Only a few remained faithful and preserved the faith in the One True God. In the Promised Land we see the devils' continued attacks, dividing the tribes, and inspiring many to depart from the worship of God. Throughout their history we see the influx of Paganism, and the idolatry of the various demons as gods. These people were almost to the bottom of their downward spiral when Jesus came to this earth, and as proof of this bottoming out of the downward spiral into demonism, we read that: "Jesus came unto His own, and His own received Him not. " (John 1:11)
Somewhere in history these Israelites converted to demonism and created a new series of beliefs in addition to or in opposition to the Laws that God gave them through Moses. (See St. Stephen's account of history in the Acts of the Apostles: Acts 7:43) The Demonic Talmud superseded the Law of Moses. The people of the Talmud somewhere along the line became known as "Jews. " They, with demonic craftiness, soon arrogantly assumed the titles of the Israelites as Chosen People of God. The deceptive craftiness is shocking when we consider that most of the world believe the "Jews " to be the descendants of Judah (only one of the sons of Israel), and all of the other sons have somehow ceased to exist or were absorbed into this one tribe. When we consider that most of those who call themselves "Jews " today are not biologically descendant from Judah but, are rather, Ashkenazi converts to Talmudism, we see the demonic influence even clearer. Today, these people are dispossessing Palestinians of their lands and killing many of them in an alleged ancestral right to that land, even when they have no ancestral tie to the land because they are not children but converts.

These are not the same people of the Old Testament, nor do they preserve the belief and laws God gave to us through Moses. Many use the name of "Jew " in various ways depending on their own particular need or whim at the moment. Consider when someone says that he is a "Jew, " what does it mean? Is he a descendant of Judah or one or other of the brothers of Judah? Is he a resident or a citizen of a particular place? Is he a believer in a Talmudic creed? Is he an atheist? Etc. This one simple word with its multiple demonic inspired meanings only seems to confuse and hide the demonic influences in the world today.
If we have any doubt that this sect is not God's chosen people we need only consider the Scripture that says "His own received Him not, " so even if they were once the people of Israel they are no longer. They have refused Christ and therefore refused God and have sided with the devils. Also, the priesthood of the Old Testament is dead, as even these people are forced to admit. There is no longer an inherited ancestral priesthood, but rather a priesthood according to the order of Melchizedek.
The right order of God has been, and continues to be under attack by the devils and all who will listen to them. God no longer works with one genetic line of people, but rather works in His Church, where any and all have been invited to unite themselves into One Mystical Body of Christ. The only true mono-theistic religion is the Catholic Church.

The "Jews " now have made a god of themselves and worship their "ancestry. " They have made themselves the Messiah and the Christ. A prescription of Talmudic customs and laws has been substituted for true faith and worship. The devils have created this corrupted faith in pretty-straightforward imitation of Christ and the true Faith and doctrine. The "Jews " are still awaiting the Messiah when He has already come. Having missed and rejected Him, they now strive to create their own version of a Messiah. They demonically think and claim a land that is not legally theirs. By some "divine " right they are entitled to murder Palestinians, destroy their property, and drive them from their fatherland. This disorder and chaos is not from God but from the devils who are the authors of death and disorder. Some may argue that the Israelites did this exact same thing. It is not the same. The Israelites had revelations from God, and promises from God, they had a sacrificing priesthood, etc. God gave the Israelites obvious victory over those they were to dispossess; the devils only give the "Jews " constant conflict and battle. They have not God but devils helping them so there is always a demonic disorder. The devils and their dupes the "Jews " may appear to succeed in this world, but this is really an illusion because it is only temporary. The blood of all that they have spilled upon the earth is crying to Heaven for vengeance, and because vengeance belongs to God, He will hear and grant them this vengeance.

The injustice that demonically reigns in our world today will ultimately be righted. The injustice is only momentary when considered next to eternity. Not only people as individuals but also people as societies, businesses, communities, governments, countries, etc. will all be punished or purified.
There is no doubt that we are drawing closer to that day of chastisement than we have ever been in the past. The atrocities of fornication, adultery, divorce, murder of the pre-born (abortion), homo/hetero-sexual sodomy, etc. all merit a divine punishment upon us individually (as far as we may be guilty) and collectively. With the false Israelite Talmudic Jews in possession of a certain piece of land and noting the many transgressions that must be punished, it seems that the signs are clear that those who are wise will flee this false religion, heading for the hills of Christ in His Church.

The Muslims, likewise in their worship of Allah are just as fanatical and violent as the "Jews ", if not more so. They are truly cut from the same cloth. Both are demonically inspired forgeries of the One True God, faith, and religion. They, like the "Jews, " imagine themselves authorized and commissioned by their god (demons) to violently kill and displace any and all who oppose them in any way. The devils are the authors of death, not God. And so, if we are logical, we see that the murderous ideologies of these two sects and all the others like them have devils and not God for their gods.

Alongside the "Judaic " Talmudists and the Muslims we should perhaps join many, such as Buddhism, that might be labeled "religious philosophies. " These seek a denial of self and an approach to nothingness (nirvana) which is obviously inspired by devils, seeking the emptiness of soul of the demons rather than a soul filled with the grace of God. In this striving for nothingness they developed a belief in re-incarnation or the trans-migration of souls. The demons have inspired them with a denial of God and His grace, and have filled them with a vain demonic pride that is often hidden under false humility; but nonetheless convinces them that upon their own efforts, without any help, they can reach their nothingness that they confuse with happiness in Heaven. This Eastern "mysticism " which might also include the Pagan religions like Hinduism seems to be very attractive to so many misguided Western souls today. Many try to reconcile these false religions and "philosophies " with Christianity. The devils do present many truths in these Pagan and false mono-theistic religions and philosophies, but these truths are only the bait that entices unassuming souls to swallow the poison too. There is no, and cannot be, any reconciling God and the devils. This earth in its current state cannot be reconciled with Heaven. The ways and mind of the world are at odds with the ways and mind of God.

When Christ came upon this earth, He made it clear that the only way is through Him. All those who will not unite with Him are damned. We must, so far as we have exposed, conclude that the Pagans (worshipers of devils) are not to enter into Heaven; the false mono-theistic religions that rejected the law of Moses are rejected; the false "philosophical " religions also have excluded themselves from Heaven. Already we can see that "many have been called, but few have been chosen, " (Matt 22:14) but the winnowing fan of God's truth is not finished yet. In the next series we must consider so many false "Christian " faiths.