Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy
Part 6 - "Traditionalism"

The deceptions of the demons are becoming more and more clever as we progress in our examination of exposing the demonically inspired false religions. There can be only one true religion as both our reason and revelation very clearly show us. In this exposition of the various false religions and sects we are drawing closer and closer to the True Faith, but the devils do not sit idly by in their attacks of those who have avoided the snares exposed this far. With the grace of God we draw closer to Him and engender a greater hatred for ourselves by these demons. Those who are not brought over to the camp of these demonic spirits through the grosser vices are then attacked with greater viciousness in the more subtle but equally dangerous ones. The devils do not care by which sin we fall, they only care that we fall. They use the most economical (economical in terms of effort involved) means at their disposal. The vices that appeal to the greatest number are used first and with little effort they reign in the majority. The next level of souls, requires greater efforts and more subtle means to accomplish the same goal. This progression of levels of souls continues all the way up until the devils are unable to entrap or seduce the remaining souls that will not or cannot be lost. The higher the level that a soul attains; the more insistent, numerous and dangerous these demons become in their attacks.

The Pagans, Atheists, Satanists, etc. suffer little from the demons as they are easily led without much effort by devils straight into Hell. The heretics who have heard of Jesus Christ require a little more effort and a slightly different tactic, but the devils succeed nonetheless because these sects are created and fostered by the devils themselves under the appearances of following Jesus. (In the exorcism prayers of the Church the devil is addressed as: "teacher of heretics. ") The Modernist Novus Ordo likewise is another branch of the heretical Churches led by Satan and is under the hand of demons. With the illusion of belonging to the Catholic Church and glorying in the name they have been robbed of the Faith and grace. This blindness is fostered and rejoiced in by the devils because they work very hard to maintain this lie and illusion.
There are however many who have rejected all these previous snares of the devils and would have been the remnant elect, but for another of the devils' snares. Many Catholics recognized the evil of the false "Vatican II Council " and would have held onto the true Church and the true Faith, but the devils laid a snare for them in the religion they inspired known as "Traditionalism. " Under the guise of protecting and preserving tradition these sects have been tricked into rejecting all authority and right order. They have become grossly soiled with the spirit of Laicism. They reject ecclesiastical authority, just as the Protestants have done. They are filled with a demonic pride and vanity because they have not been trapped by the Modernist liberal trap of the Novus Ordo, and in this state they have miserably fallen into another snare just as dangerous and deadly as all the others. We must remember that it does not matter if we fall to the left or the right; the devils do not care if they get us this way or that way. To be separated from the true Church all that is necessary is that we deny just one of Her doctrines — espouse only one error and we are lost. With the Church and with God it is an all or nothing situation. We are not free to pick and choose what we like as the Protestants do, but this is what so many "Traditionalists " have succumbed to. The laity now pick, hire (fire), and judge their "clergy " and we see clearly how detrimental this is if we are honest. Nothing good can come from the tail wagging the dog.

There are many varieties and sects in this "Traditionalists " movement, but perhaps the biggest and the most known, and therefore the most dangerous, is the Lefebvrites. This sect was started by Marcel Lefebvre under the auspices of "The International Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). " Everything about this sect is deception and rebellion. The Catholic Church requires of religious orders, societies, etc. to be approved and authorized before they are permitted to exist and function. This alleged society claimed "international " status when it was only given diocesan approval by a Modernist Novus Ordo bishop. It has never been approved by a true pope which is required by a "society " that wishes to work internationally. Also, we must consider what the approval of a Modernist Novus Ordo bishop (heretic) is worth even locally.
Lefebvre, himself, was ordained a priest and consecrated a bishop by a Freemason. What we know of the Freemasons and their intentions and goals to destroy the Church forces us to have legitimate and serous reservations regarding the validity of these orders. It is for this reason that we say their orders and sacraments are at best doubtful and at worst invalid. In either case they are illicit and therefore without merit. For these reasons they are suspect and must be treated as not valid. It matters not, that the deceived members of this sect are of good will or not. Their good or even pious intentions cannot change the facts. I realize that these are harsh words but they have been very carefully weighed. The Seraph and others have been exposing these things for decades.

I personally have long held the opinion that this sect was established by the devils and their Modernists, Masonic pawns for the express purpose of rounding up would be Catholics and leading them like the Pied Piper of Hamlin right into the back door of the Modernist Novus Ordo sect. Recent history of this sect seems to be bearing out the validity of this observation. We currently see the leaders of this sect working hard to be accepted and brought into unity with this demonically inspired New Church.

Many souls were and are being led astray with the idea that it is just about ritual or language. It is not only this, but it is so much more that separates the true Church from the Novus Ordo. There are doctrines that have been changed and denied by the Novus Ordo that leave us without doubt that they are a new religion and are in no way the same religion as the Roman Catholic Church of over two-thousand years. The Novus Ordo has changed sacraments to the point that they are no longer valid. Their priests are not priests. But, what we feared and now see to be true in the Lefebvrite sect is exactly the same, and so it is not surprising to see the uniting of these two sects.

Many within the Lefebvrite sect saw this and broke away starting their own sects (demonic spawning) under sundry auspices. Some of the more renowned of these are the Dolanite sect, and the Kellyite sect. Again, these sects and all the others stemming from Lefebvre, under whatever auspices suffer the same dilemma — their "sacraments " and "orders " are at best doubtful, and they have never been recognized or established by any true authority in the Catholic Church.

These sects are essentially anarchists — not recognizing any authority whatsoever. They are often seen even denying that they themselves have any authority while they boldly impose themselves upon the poor unsuspecting laity. They preach a false religion that does not have any jurisdiction. They claim some sort of crippled magisterium that can "teach ", "sanctify ", but never rule. It is clear that such a crippled magisterium is not the magisterium established by Jesus in the Apostles to whom He gave the fullness of this three-fold power. If they recognize this authority in the Novus Ordo then they are the same as the Novus Ordo and must logically unite with and obey them. If they deny it in them and deny it in everyone else (even themselves) then they are anarchists promoting the idea that there is no longer any true Church with real authority. They are essentially claiming that the Church Christ promised to last until the end of time is dead and Christ has lied or at least deceived us. This obviously is from Hell, and they cannot represent the True Church.

This anarchism is preached and practiced by numerous "independent " priests in this "Traditionalist " movement. There has never been, nor will there ever be, an "independent " priest in the Catholic Church. The Church must have successors to the Apostles (bishops); otherwise it is not apostolic and is lacking in a necessary mark of the true Church. And every priest must be subject to a true bishop. So any and all "clergy " that claim that "independent " status are not Catholic and all are duly warned to stay far away from their demonically inspired rebellion.

We have previously spoken of the Schuckardt sect ( "Mount St. Michael ") and its untenable position. Though they have valid orders as clerics they are by no means Catholic as they too claim (or act as if they have) universal status that can only be given by a true pope. True, there is no true pope to grant them this. So where does that leave them? Logically they must abandon their false claims of being a religious order or society etc. If they wish to be true religious then they must align themselves with a true and legitimate religious order that has been in existence prior to and in continual existence since the false "Vatican II council. " If they wish to be true Roman Catholics they must abjure their schism and any and all heresies; and be received and accepted by a true Roman Catholic bishop. One cannot abjure to the air or a mirror. The Church requires the abjuration be made to the proper authority and that the proper authority receives and accepts them. This has never been done. The closest that this sect seems to have ever come was when the former bishop Musey received them, but then rather quickly placed them under interdict. This interdict has never been lifted by any true Roman Catholic Bishop. For these reasons this sect must not be considered Catholic and the faithful are likewise duly warned to avoid this sect for the good of their own souls.
Besides the many and sundry "priests " and "bishops " in the "Traditional " movement there are also various alleged "popes ". These poor souls imagine that they have been chosen by God or by the laity to head the Church with or even without clerical orders. These make a mockery of the Church. It is true that in the absence of the ability to observe all the current regulations (regulations put in place prior to the death of Pope Pius XII) regarding the election of a pope; the regulations cease to be binding. For example, when it is impossible to assist at a true (valid and licit) Mass on Sundays then we are no longer obliged to assist at Mass — the law ceases to apply. With the apostasy of the College of Cardinals and the bishops in the Novus Ordo, the right and duty of the election of a true pope now resides with the true bishops of the Church. These must be valid and licit and have the full powers of the Apostolic Magisterium; i.e. the power to teach, govern, and sanctify. These so called "Traditionalist " "popes " are no more popes than the frauds in the Novus Ordo physically occupying the material heritage of the See of St. Peter.

Many have and continue to inquire; how then, are we to ever elect another pope? When the time comes the Holy Ghost will inspire and arrange things so that this will take place. It is not for us to try and force the Will or the Hand of God. If there is to be another true pope before the end of the world, we can be certain that God will let those who have the power, know when and how to accomplish this, as well as provide us with the man so chosen by Him. In the meantime we know that the Church continues in the Catholic bishops even in this time of papal sede-vacante, as history has shown us time and time again. All true Catholics must submit to these authorities and no others. They must work and pray for their bishops, the Church and themselves so that we may at least preserve what remains of the Church; and then if we are faithful, and it is God's will, He will provide another true pope for the world.

Next, we must likewise warn all of the deceptions of so many "Traditional religious groups. " The first to come to mind as an example, is the sect currently headed by the Dimond brothers [ "Most Holy Family Monastery "]. These present themselves to the world as Benedictines. They cannot trace their lineage to a valid and licit source existing prior to the Novus Ordo. True religious must make a canonical novitiate, and must be received and accepted by a valid and true representative of that particular order with the authority to receive such vows in the name of the Church and the respective order. One does not become a Benedictine simply by putting on a traditional Benedictine habit and presenting himself as such to the world. It does not matter how much notoriety they may gain through self-promotion in any of the various media that they choose to use. A religious is a religious only when the proper authority accepts his vows as such. It matters not if they pretend to an ancient order or create a new one, without the acceptance by the true Magisterium in the Church they are nothing. They may say many good things and expose many real errors in the world and appear to do some good; but the truth is, that they are a very real danger to souls seeking to be good Catholics serving only God, and not bowing before so many demonically inspired false sects, both "clerical " and "religious."

We have come a long way in this study of the demonically inspired churches of disobedience in the world today; and have painted with a very broad brush, realizing that there is not enough time or paper to expose each and every one in detail. Those who have the sense of the Church, with the grace of God, will be able to see and apply these same principles to the countless other sects that abound. Those who lack this sense of the Church, must pray humbly and sincerely for this grace from God and seek guidance only from the True, One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

With the help of God's grace we hope to sufficiently show (in the next installment) in who and where this Church exists in the world today, so that all may obtain the graces so necessary for ourselves, the world, and the Church. Until then, we plead with you to humbly and honestly pray to God that you may find, recognize and unite with this true Church for the greater honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls.