Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy
Part 4 - Heresy/Schism

Having covered the obviously wrong religions of the world and exposed them as such, our focus must now turn to the less obvious and therefore more deceptive false "Christian " religions. All those not in union with the True Church fall into this category whether they are heretics or schismatics. Heretics are those who deny one or more doctrines of the Church; schismatics are those who hold the same doctrines of the True Church, but refuse obedience and unity with Her.

Arianism denied the true Person of Jesus Christ as true God and true Man. This ruse of the devils led away a great part of the Church. St. Athanasius was one of the few major preservers of the truth. This heresy began very cleverly with the idea that Jesus must be a creature of God and is not equal to the Father. The Father is first and greater and the Son comes later and is less. The Arians deny the co-eternity of the Son with the Father. Saying that Jesus is a creature and not the Creator, (even if we label Him the first or the greatest of all creatures) is a denial of the real Jesus and makes these heretics idolaters and cut off from God's grace and the Church. Jesus is true God and true Man, begotten, not made (Nicene Creed). These and the other heretics as well as all the schisms apparently find justification for their errors in the Scriptures. The devils quote Scripture twisting it for their purposes very well, so it is not surprising that the men who become their visible tools use the Sacred texts in this scandalous manner.

The Donatist schism was brought about when many clergy under persecution handed over religious books for destruction. The Donatists considered these clergy as traitors and refused communion with them. They considered all those accepting of these "traitors " as no longer truly Catholic. The schismatic does not remain free from heresy for long because separated from the Church they are separated from grace and God. The Donatists soon began to deny the validity of sacraments, saying that unless you were baptized by them you were not truly baptized, likewise with the other sacraments. Thus we begin to understand that heresy and schism go hand in hand, or as it is often said: they are the two sides of the same coin. The schismatic soon denies doctrine and becomes a heretic and the heretic soon breaks union with the Church and likewise becomes a schismatic.

With the attacks upon the Church by the false Vatican II council, many flocked to schismatic sects for sacraments thinking that at least they would have "valid " sacraments. This was a clever deceptive ruse of the devils because in doing so these souls left the True Church and therefore the grace of God, and thus most often ended up in heresy likewise. Among the more "renown " that fall into this category are all those who stem from Bishop Francis Schuckardt. (Please forgive me if I do not delve into a lot of details and appear to summarily dismiss this sect or any other. These sects have already been investigated and exposed in greater detail in previous issues of THE SERAPH.) Bishop Schuckardt for noble or ignoble reasons (We leave God to judge his intentions.), saw the heresy in the New Church (Novus Ordo) of the false Vatican II council and went to the schismatic Old Catholic church and obtained episcopal orders. Having either obtained these orders under a deceptive ruse or later realizing his error he, in either case, left this sect and started his own sect. These now use the name: "CMRI. " Neither he, nor his followers, have ever been officially received back into the Church by a true representative of the Church. These "religious " groups have never been authorized by the Church, therefore as far as the true Church is concerned, there is none, nor has there ever been, a true religious order, congregation, society, etc. called "CMRI. " While they have valid orders and sacraments they do not have grace because they are outside the Mystical Body of Christ (The Church.) Catholics have been warned and are still warned that for the preservation of their souls they must avoid this sect. If they are truly in articulo mortis (at the immediate point of physically dying) they may approach these priests for absolution as they are true priests, but aside from this they are to be avoided. The Church (that is the true Bishops) provides schismatic priests with the necessary faculties for this immediate necessity and no farther. It is foolishness for so many Traditionalists to pretend that they are in articulo mortis every Sunday and Holy Day of the year.

The Old Catholics and all that spawn from them are schismatic and are to be avoided by all true Catholics. Many of the Eastern Churches likewise are to be avoided for the same reasons. These old and once Catholic Churches through their schism soon fell into heresy as they began to deny the doctrines of the true Church. One of the best known concerns the "Filioque " (and the Son) in the Nicene Creed (This is the Creed that is recited in many Masses.) The schismatics recite the same creed only omitting the one word "Filioque. " In this they deny that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son. The denial of this doctrine makes them heretics and creates a false trinity or God that they worship, subjecting them to idolatry. It has been reported that the false pope Wojtyla (alias John Paul II) concelebrated "Mass " with these schismatic/heretics and in reciting this creed he with them deliberately omitted the word "Filioque. " We obviously interpret this as a denial of the doctrine (a denial of God and the Church) to please heretics. If you deny God before men, He will deny you before His Father. (Matt. 10:33) So we see that these "old " schismatic/heretical churches are likewise to be avoided.

The devils over time perfect and fine tune their attacks upon the Church, so we see in the 1500's the Protestant Revolution. (The heresies of this time are relatively well known, so forgive me again if I hurriedly pass over this or that sect or heresy.) If we only pick up the decrees of the Council of Trent we will find, not only the errors that were being promoted but likewise, the condemnation of those errors. Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Henry VIII, etc. and all who came after these for some ignoble reason, often veiled under some righteous pretense, broke away from the Church denying one or more doctrines. King Henry VIII gives us a very easy and ready example of how these heresiarchs attempted to sanitize or sanctify their hidden ignoble designs. The king's "qualms of conscience " concerning his wife was mere pretense to satisfy his lust for another woman (and another, and another, etc) as well as a way to satisfy his greed. Proclaiming himself the head of the Church he was able to divorce his wife and marry another; but also this "entitled " him to drive out the Catholics and steal lands and properties to satisfy his greed, and enable him to pay the usurious loans he owed to the "bankers. " The deception of the devils working through these Protestant founding fathers has been quite successful in leading many away from God. It is shockingly amazing how anyone who honestly investigates the origins of the Protestant sects can ever accept them as being true or good. We are only left to conclude that most never honestly and truly investigate these origins or the devils have them completely blinded by some other deception.

Coinciding with or just prior to the Protestant revolution and then the French revolution we see the formation of the Free Masons. The Masons have the stated purpose of destroying the True Church as well as true society. They are a secretive society that appeals to men through material humanism and worldly success. Talmudic Judaism appears to be the ideology that forms and permeates this sect. These false "Israelites " in an attempt to legitimize themselves set up this secret society to attack Christ in His Mystical Body, the Church. The Protestant sects were in turn fostered by the Free Masons. That is why we find that for the most part all the Protestant sects condone and support the Masonic ideals and principles. The Masonic religion (it is truly a religion) considers itself as a kind of umbrella religion, with all the other religions encompassed within or underneath it. The Masons promote a false equality and "ecumenism " among all the religions of the world, and this is just what we see in so many of the false religions today. We likewise see in the Protestants influenced by the Masons the promotion of the Talmudic (false Jews) (Apoc. 2:9) religion that is the parent of the Masonic religion and so may be called the grandfather of these same Protestant sects.

The Neo-Paganism that we see received in our own day traces its origins very clearly through Protestantism, to the Masons, to the Talmudists, to the Pagans, to the devils. While we do find much quarrelling and disputes among the many false religions of today they are nonetheless united against God and the true Church, His Bride, and His Mystical Body. All doctrines no matter how contradictory are tolerated and promoted so as to tear away at the truth. The devils hate and fight with each other (because they cannot love — not even themselves — much less one another), but they are united in hatred against God. So we logically see that the devils promote a "white " witchcraft or a "good " Paganism in today's world. Many seek to combine the demonic Pagan doctrines with the divine Christian doctrines. In this demonic unifying principle we again see the mocking of Christ's true Church which is: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. The members of the Protestant sects, if they are serious in seeking true spiritual advancement, soon find the Protestant faith is very empty and lacking. From this discovery, they are then led to Pagan "Mysticism " by the Masons who have great influence within their churches. Pagan beliefs are presented to fill up the void created by the lack of true spirituality giving us what may be termed "Christian-Pagans " or "Christian-Jews. " The inherent contradictions and disparities are brushed under the rug so that would be Christians give in to all the evils of the demonic. In this demonic induced stupor we see that men easily and readily give in to their cruder and baser passions and lusts — opening up for society an acceptance of all the evils that Hell can come up with (divorce, abortion [murder], sodomy, etc.) Every evil and sin is now acceptable in this demonically led world.

We must therefore, again, beware of the Neo-Paganism of today; the false "ecumenism " seeking the unity of truth in falsehood; the many and varied Protestant sects; the Masonic "umbrella " religion; the various schismatic/heretical sects; the false Israelite sects of the "Jews " both secular and Talmudic; the ancient Pagan beliefs; and ultimately the father of all these the devil.
Our expose leading to the truth through exposing errors is taking a long and varied course to show where He is not. The outline is brief and sketchy as we have covered a lot of places and times, but we are not finished yet. Just as in understanding to the best of our ability who God is we must first see who and what God is not, so likewise the best way to find the true Church and the true Faith we must first see where She is not. By excluding one after another we are narrowing our search and drawing closer and closer to the one true Faith and Religion. We desire not to divide and destroy causing chaos and confusion, but rather to expose and so unite by drawing together all who will come to the One, True Church of Jesus Christ.
With the grace of God in the next installment may we continue our uncovering and exposing so that we may more confidently, but humbly draw near and accept the One True God and His One True Church.