Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy
Part 5 - Novus Ordo/False Catholics

The Modernist Novus Ordo Religion is the next and perhaps one of the most daunting to examine. This new religion (Novus Ordo literally means New Order) came about from within what was once the Roman Catholic Church. Truly there was established a fifth column within the Catholic Church to bring about this transformation from Roman Catholicism to Modernist Novus Ordo. We realize that there are many who will dismiss such things as the wild ideas of a "conspiracy theorist, " but we must examine the facts and look for the truth and not be deterred by fear of ridicule.

There are and have always been real and true conspiracies. Since the beginning we see that the devils have been conspiring for the downfall of men. They cannot stand the thought of men taking their places in Heaven next to God, and so they scheme and plot ways and means to ensure that as many souls are lost as possible. Truly, misery loves company.

We have briefly exposed the Judaic- Masonic false religion and their ties to Satanism. These secret and sometimes overt sects have undeniably been seeking the fall and destruction of the True Church for a very long time. Many of the popes have specifically exposed and condemned these sects and warned Catholics that they must not only avoid joining these sects but must seek to protect themselves, the Church and even society from their evil influences.

The first and main attack of these evil sects in recent history has been the promotion of Atheistic Communism. This was quickly and unreservedly condemned by the Church as intrinsically evil. It has wreaked great havoc in many parts of the world, but this evil was not quite so easily accepted and inculcated in some parts of the world. This other part demanded a second prong of this attack which was through the materialism of the industrial complex. Those that were not brought into the camp of the Satanic-Judaic-Masonic complex on one side were almost invariably to fall to the opposite side. It made no difference which side one went to, they were both created and designed for the destruction of souls by evil powers that are greater than human.

It seems clear that the souls the devils could not destroy through Communist force and coercion induced poverty and want, they would destroy through the opposite extreme of unbounded greed of capitalistic Materialism. Few would ever see that it is the same coin with evil Communism being just the opposite side of evil Capitalism. What was not destroyed by force was destroyed by "freedom ". Communism and Democracy have led in the same direction. I like to consider Communism as an evil and mean tyrannical father who never loved his children, and Democracy is like a father that is over indulgent and "kind " to his children to a fault. Imagine, if you will, that children could choose and elect their own fathers. What would become of the family? Only fathers that gave the children all that they wanted and never corrected or disciplined their children would be elected. This is what "Democracy " has given us — rulers and governors that make promises of gifts and pleasure to their constituents. They are not concerned with what is true or what is right and good, only with pleasing the children so they can be re-elected. Neither truly loves the children and both bring about the destruction of the children. The virtuous middle course is never looked for by either side.

This might at first glance appear to be only dealing with governments and society at large and have very little to do with the True Church, but we must realize that it is the Church that has been and always will be the obstacle for these great conspiracies. It is religion and faith that form and guide individuals as well as societies. So we see that history shows us the Catholic Church constantly under attack by this Satanic-Judaic-Masonic sect. Likewise, we see the Church constantly condemning and exposing this sect and their many spawn sects as the evil that they are.

This sect found that the frontal assault of Communism did not destroy the Church (the Mystical Body of Christ) so Democracy and Materialism was next attempted. There were many other assaults under one pretext or other but, all with the same end in mind. After the Demonic-Judaic-Masonic sect tried every assault from outside the Church the only place left was to try an attack from within. A fifth column (a kind of Trojan horse) was devised and implemented. Infiltrators were sent in to take over seminaries and priestly formation so that evil men could rise to positions of authority and thus implement the designs of this Demonic-Judaic-Masonic plot. The culmination of this plot is seen in the false council of "Vatican II. "
Lest the people recognize and reject these attacks, the infiltrators (wolves) put on the appearance of true and faithful Catholics (sheep's clothing). The changes that they implemented were gradual and "optional " the doors were opened up for a "democratic " vote from the children. Freedom of expression and implementation were invited and welcomed. A new spirit (the spirit of "Vatican II ") was taking over the Church but few realized that this spirit was not the Holy Ghost, but was rather a demonic spirit of disorder, chaos, confusion, and damnation. A hidden but deliberate effort was made to fill the seminaries with men to pervert doctrine and also many men to pervert morality. Homosexuality within seminaries was not only tolerated but promoted in many cases. We witness the fruit of this today in the many "clerical " pedophiles bringing scandal and destruction of both the spiritual and material wellbeing of souls and what was once the Roman Catholic Church. The infiltrators reached the highest posts and so were able to cover up and transfer these destructive men from one place to another to increase the destruction both of souls as well as the reputation and financial status of what was once the Church. Nothing happens by accident especially when it is a matter of salvation.

Prior to this false council the popes warned Catholics of this evil spirit that was hiding within Her bosom in the countless encyclicals condemning Communism, Modernism, Materialism, etc. but, few Catholics heard or heeded these warnings. The great victory of these evil forces was when they got one of their own into the top place of the Vatican, who could call this "council " and start the ball rolling in the downward direction of damnation. This has happened and all who seek the truth and have eyes to see, should be able to clearly see this.

This evil spirit of "Vatican II " opened the doors for innovation in the sacraments. Every one of the sacraments came under the assault of these demonic influences. Let us focus first upon the Sacrifice of the Mass. The Mass has been with us since the time of Christ and in the Latin Rite was codified and promulgated for all time by the Council of Trent. (Hence, the often used reference to "Triditine " Mass referring to the Latin rite Mass.) One of the first attacks, changes, or freedom of expression opened up by this false council was the changing of the very words of Christ in the Consecration of the wine. "Pro multis " (for many) was now through a faulty translation from the Latin to the vernacular replaced with "Pro Omnia " (for all). No one seemed to be concerned with the correctness of the translation much less the faithfulness to God's word. The Scriptures still preserved the correct formula but the Modernists were unconcerned with what the Scriptures held. They knew few, if any, would know the scriptures that well. Most had never read them, or if they did, it was only a superficial reading. The sacred Scripture (the very Word of God — Christ Himself) was ignored and set aside in favor of "progress ", change, democracy — the demonic spirit of "Vatican II ".

Many would argue that it is only one word. How important can one word be? The Church says it is essential. Every word of God is sacred and essential. To change one word is to change the meaning of what God has said and therefore to change the very perception of who God is. It creates a false god to usurp the place of the True One. Some would argue that the words: multus and omnia mean the same thing. This is so foolish that it does not even deserve a response. Every little child knows the difference between many and all. Christ willed the salvation of all but His sacrifice would (could) only be applied to many, because the rest would reject Him and be damned.

This is only the tip of the iceberg concerning the Mass. The confession and prayers at the beginning of Mass were done away with. So there was no longer a need of humbling ourselves by declaring publically that we are sinners and unworthy to approach God, but do so only at His invitation. The true presence of Jesus under the appearance of bread and wine (transubstantiation) was ignored and then denied if not openly in words, at least manifestly in deeds. Lay and women "Eucharistic ministers " were implemented, communion in the hand, etc. all these manifested a distinct and different doctrine than what was promulgated in all the previous doctrines, councils, decrees, encyclicals, etc. of the Catholic Church of the previous two-thousand years. Some ( "priests " included) even openly denied the doctrine of transubstantiation.

The Mass was not the only thing opened up to this attack. All the sacraments and all the doctrines became fair game to this new demonic "spirit of Vatican II. " What was now allowed and encouraged concerning the very enemies of the Church should shock us into reality. This New Novus Ordo ( "Vatican II ") Church now welcomed and accepted Free Masons into her fold. Not only the laity but even the "clergy " were openly and professedly members of Masonic lodges. Anyone who had read, considered and believed what the previous popes had said should have been shocked into reality. This new Church is not the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ. This Modernist Church is not the infallible Church of the past. This new church is a chimera of all the demonic errors of the past. This demonic new church is now one with the very enemies of the Roman Catholic Church.

The temptation and stumbling block for most was already foreseen and provided for by the Demonic-Judaic-Masonic inspiration of their countless infiltrator dupes. Man is by nature a social being, so the stumbling block was obvious. The majority went along through "obedience ", ignorance, etc., so the rest could be coerced by the natural inclination to unite with others — no one wishes to be alone. The truth was sacrificed at the altar of "community " and a false "unity ". There is no unity without Jesus and the Modernists forced Jesus out from among them. They took over the buildings and material properties, but they could not take over the true Faith. Outside of these once Catholic Churches, Jesus now resides only in the remnant of His flock who left or were cast out with Him.

The "unity " of this new religion is a farce as we see even within that community that calls itself "Catholic ". We see great variance and incongruity in their many teachings and doctrines. Is Jesus really present in the Holy Eucharist — Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity? Is there salvation without Jesus? Must one confess his sins to a priest? Does sin even really exist? Is there a Hell? Is marriage indissoluble? Is an unbaptized infant an enemy of God and headed for Hell? Is humanism, modernism, communism, demonism, etc. evil or is it okay, or maybe tolerable? In the Novus Ordo one will find conflicting answers to these and every other serious doctrine that the True Church holds very clear and definite positions on. The True Catholic Church even condemns all who hold to a position contradictory to Hers. There can be no doubt that the Novus Ordo Church is not the same as the Catholic Church of over two-thousand years.

There are many logical corollaries that tie in or naturally develop from these few undeniable observations. Simply stated: a heretic is not a Catholic (by definition); One who is not a Catholic cannot and does not hold any position, rank or authority in the Catholic Church of which they are not members. All heretical "clergy " of whatever rank, office, or privilege are not Catholic and therefore ipso facto (by the very fact of being heretics) deposed; Any action, decree, etc. of these heretics has no standing or weight and as such is null and void (it never existed) in the Catholic Church; etc. (Consult the encyclical of Pope Pius IV "Cum ex apostolatus officio " if logic is not enough for you, and see what the head of the Catholic Church inspired by the Holy Ghost has said on this head.)

Remember we are not speaking of personal sins or failings of individuals within the Church, but are rather speaking of obstinate heresies that are not only privately held, but also publically promoted. It is not a mere scandal of a clergy man with a secret mistress, it is an open and public endorsement of heresy; a denial of the infallible doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and therefore a denial of Christianity, and ultimately of Jesus Christ altogether.

These "clergy " can no longer be considered as representing Jesus Christ or His Church, because they have denied Him. They have denied Him not under coercion or fear, but openly and freely. It is not a matter of weakness, but rather a matter of heretical pride and obstinacy.
These heretic "clergy " and "hierarchy " have changed the very nature of all the sacraments so as to render each and every one of them at minimal doubtful, and at worst invalid. Thus it seems clear that this Novus Ordo Church and religion is a new Protestant religion and is not the Roman Catholic Church, despite whatever proud and arrogant claims that they may make.

So far in our pursuit, we have exposed as false: Satanism, Paganism, Judaism (Talmudism), Free Masonry, Schisms/heresies of what was once the Eastern branch of the Church, Protestantism, and now the Modernist Novus Ordo Church of the false "Vatican II " council. As we can see the gates of Heaven must be truly narrow and the gates of Hell are very broad and wide, as there are so many who are headed to damnation through these various snares of demons, and so few who will ever escape them. We still have not finished with this winnowing exposition and propose with the help of God's grace to continue in our next installment to speak of the errors of the "Traditionalist " movement.